Hmmm, this one is strong, I travel a lot despite the fact that i am doing my Industrial Training as a student, i still find time to roam about one location to another. Lol. what am i traveling for?  wetin i wan go do? I keep asking myself these questions when the bus has already left the park, so hilarious.

Well, I am a researcher sha, like when i traveled to Lagos a few weeks back i was not really confused like that, i knew i was going for a research project (learned a lot though). A similar journey took place a few months back though i cant really remember what i wanted to do in Lagos, I think it was when i saw a friend that i remembered my mission then, e get as the story be joor.

Ehen, back to the gist, one thing i don’t normally appreciate when traveling is bad roads, and e no get as e wan be, person must definitely enter one. When someone is about to get a good short nap and the next thing you know is that you’re hitting your head on someone-else shoulder, chai, e dey pain eh, or in my own case, because i’m tall, the ceiling of the bus and my head go just dey drag chieftaincy title. Wetin we wan do na? “Driver easy o”, “Abeg no disturb me except u wan come drive this bus”, and before you know it the whole environment becomes a market arena, the small sleep where be don almost catch person go just vanish. Phew!

I remember one time like that when all of us inside the bus including the driver automatically became stunt performers and break dancers, my dear, you need to see the way we were waving our body to the left and right, chai!!! and if you see the pothole eh, smh, that was along…….aint mentioning the name abeg. At the end the driver simply laughed and fired on, that day was a really bad day; i got drenched waiting for the bus to fill up and then bad road and then checkpoint here and there with frowning hungry looking plic officers who only smil*d when they’ve shook hands with the driver, the cold, the tight…. ehen… yes, the tight bus, another topic on e own.

Yes, the tight bus, brothers and sisters, do you know what it feels like when a 6feet seven inches Nigerian sit on a bus seat with the spaces inbetween the seats like the narrow gate of heaven? Guy, that one is hell not heaven. I use to wonder whether the producers of these small constricted vehicles had us like we “the tall people community” in mind because it looks like that phrase went missing in their dictionary long time ago; I almost died infact I had already died maybe it was when my head hit the ceiling of the bus that i remembered i was on my way to Abraka. The experience was a terrible one, i tried to make it a point of entry abi na point of duty to always look at the kind of bus i’m boarding, i no know wetin make me forget, by the time i came down from the bus about 2hours later, i could not feel my buttocks again, i had to touch it to make sure it was there. smh! phew!!

Some drivers are just funny though, they don’t care if you’re comfortable or if you’re pregnant or sick or sad or maybe heartbroken (winks) them go just they fire the bus dey go, too bad. I was on my way to Lagos one time like that and the road was so bad that it affected my stomach affairs and before i knew it, i was already throwing up, before the driver could stop the vehicle for me to clear myself up, o boy i really hear am.

Anyways, the happiness in all of these is that I was able to get to my destinations tired but relieved. I just hope the government will really do something about our roads though, they are so bad, like the word “bad” is an understatement, the sooner the better o.

Sorry for not posting lately, my phone was stolen, the circumstances surrounding the “stealing of the phone” is something I am still pondering over right now, like the system of stealing was so clean it could only be done by a professional. The only thing where i see at the end was charger; that thing can pain, when you plug phone and you come to collect it and the only thing you can find is charger, smh, “the person for just carry the charger follow body”, Naija get talent sha!

One experience happened very close to my apartment in the University where one guy plug his phone in his room and just stepped out to dry his towel in front of the handrail. O boy when the guy came back he saw his phone charger by the door like though the person left it there to make a statement; Samsung Galaxy S5 missing. The rest is history, i felt pity for the guy, the guy just dey cry.  Abeg joor, I just dey gather money to find better phone buy.

This is where my story go end o, I will find time to post more, maybe I’ll write about my experience in Ikorodu Market in Lagos when i went AWOL. Till then , adios!!!


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