5 Healthy Alternatives To Eating Fast Food


If you are grossed out enough to say goodbye to fast food all together, here are several still quick, but much healthier alternatives.

Supermarket smorgasbord

Grocery stores are generally in the same area as fast food joints. So rather than staying into a drive-through, go into the supermarket and stroll through the express line. Most chains have got sections with prepared food, where you can find ready to eat options such as chilled veggie salads and grilled salmon. Other healthy items that do not require preparing include hummus and baby carrots, nuts and mini bananas.

Fast casual

Concept of fast casual is having fresh food faster and establishments that fit the bill are popping up all over. Many of the restaurants serve up freshly prepared meals, like they are made in house, with ingredients which read like a recipe from a healthy cookbook. For instance, the chicken is made from hormone and antibiotic free chicken, rice bran oil, water, cumin, chipotle chili, garlic, black pepper, oregano and salt, some cities even use soybean oil. To be sure of what you are buying, go online, read ingredient lists and always check out the nutrition facts. One of the favorite options to go to is a chipotle salad, made with lettuce, black beans, fajita vegetables, guacamole and mild salsa. Too satisfying and about as clean and quick as it gets.

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