Going To Someone’s House for Thanksgiving? Here Are 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving/cHRISTMASS CELEBRATION this year? You’re going to need to bring a little something. Here are 5 last-minute ideas that can all be picked up today or tomorrow.

1. Wine.
Obvious? Sure. Much appreciated? Always. Red varietals pair best with Thanksgiving turkey and all its accouterments, so seek out food-friendly reds like pinot noir blends and wines made from Rhone grapes like syrah. Since it’s Thanksgiving, bringing an American wine is a nice touch. Head over to our sister site The Vivant for a full guide to which exact wines you should be buying on Thanksgiving.

2. A nice coffee table book.
If you know your host is into fashion, travel, photography, or pretty much anything else, head to your local bookstore and browse the selection of beautiful hardcover coffee table books. This gift takes no time to buy, and it’s quite thoughtful.

3. A stylish dessert.
Store-bought dessert is perfectly fine, though we tend to favor fun fresh-from-the-bakery goodies like mini brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels or macarons in pretty boxes in nice packages, rather than a generic supermarket cake. However, If you have some time, try making chocolate bark—it’s so easy!

4. Chic pre-vased flowers.
Here’s the deal: Your hosts will be super-busy when you arrive, so thrusting a bouquet of flowers at them can be an extra annoyance—they’ll have to trim them, find a vase, and fill it with water. Instead, drop into your local florist and ask them for a very small uniform bouquet (something seasonal, like sunflowers) or plant that’s already in a small glass vase that won’t take up too much space. See the below for an example.

sunflowers small vase Going To Someones House for Thanksgiving? Here Are 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

5. Something the host or hostess admired in your house.
Obviously you’re not going to bring a piece of furniture, but if they once commented on your set of ceramic measuring spoons, a designer candle you had burning, a cute set of coasters, or a small framed print, there’s your answer.


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