Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Should ‘Grow Up’ After Insulting Rap Verse

Uh oh! Rihanna is mad — and we don’t blame her! After Chris majorly dissed her in DJ Khaled’s new song, ‘I’m Still,’ a source close to RiRi tell us she thinks it’s time for her ex to ‘grow up and be a man.’


Rihanna is trying her best to stay on good terms with Chris Brown but he’s not making it easy for her. In Chris’ unreleased verse on DJ Khaled‘s new track ”I’m Still,” the X artist seems to accuse RiRi of sleeping with multiple men in the rap business. The old Rihanna would have been hurt by Chris’ cruel words, but she’s not going to “let him break her” anymore, a source tells HollywoodLife.com. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.




Rihanna On Chris Brown’s Diss — Breezy Needs To Grow Up After ‘I’m Still’ Verse

Chris’ newest diss might be the last straw for Rihanna, 25, a source says.

“She really thought she could be cool and civil with him but she sees she can’t. News travels fast no matter where she is on the globe and he knew that this would get back to her,” the source says. “Things like this used to upset her but now it’s to be expected from a childish person like Chris.”

Even though she might be a little angry with Chris, 24 — understandably so — it sounds like Rihanna is letting his insults roll right off her. Good for her!

“It’s sad but she can’t let him break her,” the source says. “She’s got her heart intact and wants him to do and be well. Hopefully one day he will really grow up and be a man. But she thinks that’s a long, long ways away.”

Chris Brown On DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m Still’ — ‘Unapologetic’ About Dissing Rihanna

As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, Chris had some harsh words for his one-time leading lady in “I’m Still,” rapping, “Every ni**a in the industry done fu**ed my bi**h/ And all my ni**as said I told ya/Now all these rap ni**as wanna be political/Nah, f**k that I’m a real lyrical/killer!”

Chris’ lyrics are pretty offensive but he is — to borrow a word from Rihanna “unapologetic” about them,  a source says.

“He ain’t about to sit up here and defend what he said,” the source said. “If someone in particular is taking offense to what he said in that verse, oh well.”

By “someone in particular,” does Chris mean Rihanna?

“He didn’t say Rihanna’s name, but if the shoe fits a b**ch then I guess she gotta wear it,” the source said, adding that a woman in Chris’ life (who shall remain nameless) actually did hurt him by sleeping with others in his profession.

Now that Rihanna has heard the song, we wonder if she will retaliate on Twitter or Instagram, as she often does with Chris. He better look out!

What do YOU think? Should Rihanna diss Chris back? Let us know.




  1. No. She should continue paying him dust. If there is such a thing as a male hoe, Chris fits the definition. As Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7)
    Chris is such a hypocrite. If anyone had slept around and lost account of all the hoes in the industry, it is him. He is just projecting the filth he really is. We are not to judge others without looking at ourselves first. He should be over it.


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