Chris Brown Opens Up About Forgiveness To ‘ANNEX Man’

Chris is so hot he landed not one but two covers for the ‘Fall #Icon’ edition of ‘ANNEX Man Magazine.’ The 24-year-old artist shows off his model looks and shares his feelings on forgiveness in a 12-page spread in the fashion mag. (tweet)


In the first of the two covers, Chris Brown rocks a fierce fashion look and a sly smile, but the X artist has nothing to hide. Chris opens up to “ANNEX” about his twitter rants, his plans to leave music and his thoughts on forgiveness, saying, “I have a long way to go and I embrace that journey.” Shot by Bradford Rogne and styled by AllanTroy Watson, the shoot comes ahead of Chris’ highly anticipated album, “X,” which is slated for a fall release.


Chris Brown Opens Up About Forgiveness To ‘ANNEX Man’: ‘I Have A Long Way To Go’

Chris has a lot to learn, and no one knows that better than the “Fine China” singer himself. Breezy is using his upcoming album to grow not only as an artist but also as a man.

Making X, I found myself on the path to finding out who I am,” Chris says to ANNEX. 

X refers to who I am as a 24-year-old person trying to grow up,” he adds.

One of the biggest things Chris wants to work on in his personal life is forgiveness.

“I expect to have highs and lows, that’s life,” Chris says. “I am open to every day and to every experience. I’m only 24. I have a long way to go and I embrace that journey.”

Wow! Chris certainly has a mature outlook on his life. Could the former bad boy be turning over a new leaf?

As for his plans to quit music, fans don’t have to worry because Chris isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

“Everyone has moments of frustration. I tend to voice what I’m feeling, for the good or the bad,” Chris says. “I think I wear my heart on my sleeve…Music will always be apart of my life.”

Thank goodness for that!

Chris Brown Looks Stylish & Sexy In ‘ANNEX Man Magazine’

Chris may wear his heart on his sleeve, but the rest of his duds are pretty fashion-forward. In the first of the two ANNEX covers, Chris looks every bit the model in an edgy sleeveless coat from the Mugler Fall 2013 collection. He looks even hotter on the second limited edition cover, rocking Diesel’s new Jogg Jean by Nicola Formichetti. There are only 1,000 copies of the second cover available for order and we bet it won’t take long for #TeamBreezy to buy them all up!

While most people shouldn’t quit their day jobs, after seeing Chris throw down his best “Blue Steel” pose, we’re confident that if he ever wants to follow through on his Twitter threat to retire from making music, he could have a second career in the modeling industry.

Chris even makes backwards pants look totally fierce! In another shot, he holds a leather jacket over his shoulder and rocks slim fit black cargo pants that look a little backwards and remind us of the stylings of ’90s hip-hop group Kris Kross.

In the third shot, a black suede motorcycle jacket covers one of Chris’ arms, but his tight black T-shirt showcases his other perfectly sculpted and tattooed bicep. Chris looks well prepped for plunging temperatures and every bit the “Fall Icon” in this sexy spread!