Why Being Bilingual Can Actually Make You Smarter Why Being Bilingual Can Actually Make You Smarter

Why Being Bilingual Can Actually Make You Smarter


What if you were told there was a way you may avoid dementia, strengthen your cognitive skills, and heighten your intelligence, and all you had to do was learn another language?

It probably sounds great, because if you’re like most you would love to be able to speak a second language.  But then, you recall your experience in high school foreign language – boring rote memorization and long hours with little progress – and perhaps it doesn’t sound so good any more.

But, what if you were told it would take only 10 days to be on your way to becoming bilingual? Most people recognize the many benefits of learning a foreign language:  You can travel to foreign countries and feel comfortable, be a more productive and enticing employee in today’s competitive job market, and immerse yourself in the vast cultures that surround you.

But now, the collective evidence from a number of recent studies suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function — a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.*

These processes include the ability to ignore distractions to stay focused, switching attention willfully from one thing to another, and holding information in the mind — like remembering a sequence of directions while driving.

Even better, new approaches to learning mean you can learn a new language without the endless repetition, homework, and memorization. One of the most powerful, The Pimsleur Approach, actually trains people to start speaking a new language in as little as 10 days!  In fact, it’s so powerful, even the FBI has purchased it!

What is the Pimsleur Approach?

The Pimsleur Approach aims each lesson at teaching you to use the core vocabulary of the language, so you can speak the most in the least amount of time.  It’s not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use.

Each Pimsleur Approach lesson has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one listen.  Let the audio guide you; the program is based on what language learning should be: Quick, fun, and easy. You’ll absorb your new language without any reading, writing, or computer use.

The Pimsleur Approach has a 100 percent guarantee: Speak in 10 days or you don’t pay.

And, if that doesn’t tempt you, the benefits to learning a new language just keep adding up. In addition to keeping your mind sharp and your reflexes quick, it also may ward off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


For those looking to get smarter in just 10 days, the company is offering new customers a special offer of half off the language of your choice including free shipping. The programs (which normally cost $29.95) are now available for just $9.95.

Better yet, they are also offering a full 30-day money-back guarantee (so, if you find you are not learning as fast as you want, simply return it for a full refund).



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