Paula Deen Racial Discrimination Lawsuit DISMISSED; Settlement Likely Reached

In any case, the suit by Lisa Jackson – which blew up against Deen when she admitted using racial slurs in a deposition, which leaked to the media – is no longer.

Jackson, who worked as General Manager at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Georgia, filed a lawsuit claiming racial and sexual harassment.

The racial discrimination claim was dismissed by a judge earlier this month because Lisa, who is white, was deemed an “accidental victim” at best.

Deen denied any racial discrimination at work or toward Jackson or other employees; her admission of racial slurs pertained to using them in the past.

The exact context of the slurs she used is not known, nor is the source of the deposition’s leak, which caused the dominoes to fall fast and hard for Deen.

Paula Deen Lawsuit Claim Thrown Out

Paula Deen Lawsuit Claim Thrown Out

Now the entirety of Jackson’s lawsuit has been dismissed, and while TMZ reports that all signs point to a settlement, any terms appear to be confidential.

The deposition video has been blocked by court order and will never be released, so the matter is officially closed, albeit still tinged with controversy.

Long story short: any racial slurs made by Deen, or comments that she and her cohorts may or may not have made, were deemed of no consequence.

Discrimination of a sexual nature was also disputed by Paula, though we’ll never know how it would have played out, given the apparent settlement.

Regardless, it’s rather ironic that Deen’s career took a MASSIVE hit because of a leaked deposition, and not anything alleged in the actual lawsuit.