‘America’s Got Talent’ Results Recap: One Dancing Sibling Is Sent Packing

The final week of quarter-final eliminations brought major twists and turns before heading into next week’s semi-finals. Did your favorites land a spot in the top 20?

America’s Got Talent has finally reached its final elimination before the semi-finals. The last round of cuts included some surprises — and some not-so surprises. Train also made a pit stop at Radio City Music Hall and performed their hit “Bruises” with Ashley Monroe and season-seven runner-up Tom Cotter returned to the America’s Got Talent stage.

‘America’s Got Talent’: Aug. 21 Results

The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, musician Dave Fenley, singer Selena Mykenzie Gordon were the first group up on the chopping block. This elimination was really between VSU and Dave after Selena’s rocky performance the night before. In a surprising twist, America went with Dave! Not that Dave isn’t fantastic, but VSU’s performance was also great.

Next up was kid group 2Unique, shadow dancers Catapult Entertainment, and Melody Caballero, who replaced Red Panda in the competition. It was no contest in this group, Catapult literally catapulted into the semi-finals after their stunning Aug. 20 performance. Howard Stern once again praised this dance group and believes their performance was one of the best on America’s Got Talent ever!

Now this is when things get nasty. Dancing duos and sibling rivals D’Angelo & Amanda and Ruby & Jonas were next. Seriously, you put the brother and sister in the same group? That’s cold, AGT. COLD. Even though D’Angelo bested his sister in performance, it was really either of theirs to take. America chose D’Angelo & Amanda and Ruby is left crying. Things might be a little awkward at home now for D’Angelo and Ruby.

‘America’s Got Talent’: Pitting Ruby Against D’Angelo Was Too Cruel

The last trio elimination before the judges’ wildcard pick is acrobats Duo Resonance, comedian John Wing, and extreme engineer Sprice. The awkward but crazy-skilled Sprice is first to go and it’s down to Duo Resonance and John.

Although Heidi Klum finally understood a comedian’s jokes and really enjoyed John’s performance, she went with Duo Resonance. Have no fear John Wing fans because Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Howard all went with John!

There you have it folks — your top 20 acts on America’s Got Talent! It’s been a whirlwind five weeks and some of our favorites were sent packing but this season of America’s Got Talent is definitely the best yet!