Chris Brown: Did He Diss Rihanna While Tweeting Love Advice?

Chris Brown Dissing Rihanna


d a powerful message about love on August 20, but did he diss his ex Rihanna in the process? Keep reading to find out all the details!

Chris Brown gave his fans on Twitter something to think about when he posted some wise words about how love is supposed to come from the heart. Chris’ message may seem positive at first glance, but after a closer look, it sounds like he could be calling out his ex Rihanna for using him!


Chris Brown Dissing Rihanna While Tweeting Love Advice? — Read The Tweet

On August 20, Chris tweeted, ”Love ya self for what u do out of ya heart. Don’t love someone for what they do for you becuz 9 times outta 10 it’s for a come up.”

Chris is saying that you should love people who do things for you out of the goodness of their own hearts, not because they expect something from you in return.

This is a great lesson for Chris, 24, to learn, but is he implying that his on-again, off-again love Rihanna, 25, only does nice things for him because she expects him to return the favor? Does he think she is using him or has used him in the past?

Chris has been going through a rough time lately, and it’s possible he is mad at Rihanna for not reaching out to see how he’s doing. Rihanna seemed genuinely worried when she heard that Chris had a seizure recently, but if she kept those concerns to herself, we can see why he would be offended and think she’s a fair-weather friend.

Chris Brown Disses Rihanna: I Never Liked You As a Friend

This isn’t the first time Chris has dissed Rihanna on Twitter — the once passionate exes have been sparring over social media with pointed messages for weeks. On August 5, Chris tweeted, “How do u build a house without a foundation???? Friendship brings the trust and love stronger. You have to like a person to love them!”

Chris seemed to be sending a message to Rihanna that he never liked her as a friend, and that his relationship with Karrueche Tran is built on a much stronger foundation.

That’s gotta hurt, but Chris’s tweet may have just been a comeback to Rihanna, who recently sent Chris a nasty message on Instagram:

“I hate when exes say, ‘I’m here if you need me.’ Where the f**k were you when we were together and I needed you?’”

Rihanna was being pretty blunt about the fact that Chris wasn’t there for her when they were together, so maybe it was this attack that fueled Chris’ past couple Twitter disses.


Was Chris is sending Rihanna a disrespectful message with his tweet? Let us know!